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Keep Mosquitos and Ticks Away with Expert Mosquito Control from A&J

As summer approaches, our least favorite blood-sucking insects return for another year! Mosquitos and ticks can be a challenge to deal with, making it near impossible to inhabit your backyard. Not to mention, increased numbers of mosquitos carry more risk of various mosquito-borne diseases. Ultimately, you need a surefire way to keep mosquitos at bay. Thankfully, A&J Mosquito Control has the means to track mosquitos to their source and prevent them from returning.

Where Do Mosquitos Come From?

You know your yard is infested by mosquitos, but where are they all coming from? As mosquito, tick and pest experts, A&J can quickly identify the most likely sources of a mosquito infestation and provide the means for resolving it. Here’s what you and our team should be on the lookout for when tracking the most likely mosquito breeding grounds:

  • Standing Water – The most common spot for mosquitos and ticks to breed can be found in any standing water around your property. Unfortunately, mosquitos don’t need much standing water to grow and populate. Examples where water can easily pool include overturned trashcan lids, flower pots, buckets, birdbaths, dog bowls, kiddie pools and more.
  • Clogged Gutters – As debris begins to gather in your gutters and clog your system, it creates areas of dampness and moisture where mosquitos and ticks can flourish. By staying on top of gutter cleaning, you can help ensure mosquitos don’t take hold in your gutters. However, once they’ve begun to breed, it can be challenging to remove them without professional help.
  • Yard Debris – Similar to how mosquitos can take residence in the debris in your gutters, they can also make yard waste and debris their home. Common breeding grounds consist of raked leaves, areas of thick vegetation, compost piles, lawn clippings, etc. Mosquitos take refuge in these areas for their shade, moisture and protection from wind.

Mosquito Prevention & Control

Ensuring mosquitos and ticks don’t infest your yard this season is a two-part process: prevention and control. With help from A&J Mosquito Control, we will tactfully implement the best methods for significantly reducing your yard’s blood-sucking pest population.


The first step to ridding yourself of mosquitos and ticks is to ensure they don’t have a place to breed. As mentioned above, there are areas of your yard where mosquitos are most likely to spawn. Before it gets too late in the season, take the following steps to assist with mosquito prevention:

  • Empty any standing pools of water around your home
  • Cover sources of water, such as birdbaths or pools
  • Have your gutters cleaned
  • Install screen windows and doors
  • Clean up yard waste
  • Keep your lawn trimmed


If you cannot entirely prevent mosquitos and ticks from settling on your property, steps must be made to reduce and control your mosquito population. A&J Mosquito Control recommends several methods to keep these pests away:

  • Chemical Repellent – A&J uses effective chemical repellent that kills mosquitos and keeps them away for several weeks. Our spray solution works fast and only harms mosquitos, with no risk to your children and pets.
  • Netting – If looking to protect a specific area of your backyard from mosquitos, some homeowners utilize mosquito netting. This unique netting keeps mosquitos out of the area it is placed over while allowing for sunlight and airflow.
  • Traps – After spraying a yard with repellent, A&J can offer or recommend specialized mosquito traps. These traps can be placed throughout your yard to attract, trap and kill mosquitos. A mosquito trap uses a combination of carbon dioxide and power to lure pests in.

About A&J

For over two decades, A&J Mosquito Control has served the residents of Central Illinois and beyond. By providing expert inspections and mosquito pest control services, we’ve become the first choice for locals looking to get rid of mosquitos and ticks in their yards. As a mosquito company with extensive experience controlling and eliminating mosquitos, we can help you reclaim your yard from those blood-sucking pests!

Our treatment is Pet and Child Safe! Shop local and get better customer service and a quicker response time! By addressing and removing the most common spots for mosquito & tick breeding, we can significantly reduce your property’s mosquito & tick population. Thus, we help create a comfortable outdoor living environment for you, your family and your friends.

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