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Are you suffering from a mosquito problem? Contact our Mosquito Control Peoria IL Professional Jack Elser at 309-360-5851 to get your pest issue resolved! If you pay in advance, you will receive 10% Off your total. The treatment lasts 1 month, and if you are not satisfied, Elser will re-treat your yard FOR FREE!

For over two decades, A&J Pest Control has served the residents of Central Illinois and beyond. By providing expert inspections and mosquito pest control services, we’ve become the first choice for locals looking to get rid of mosquitos in their yard. As a mosquito company with extensive experience controlling and eliminating mosquitos, we can help you reclaim your yard from those blood-sucking pests!

Our treatment is Pet and Child Safe! Shop local and get better customer service, and a quicker response time! By addressing and removing the most common spots for mosquito breeding, we can significantly reduce the mosquito population on your property. Thus, we help you create a comfortable outdoor living environment for you, family and friends.

To learn more about A&J Pest Control and why we’re one of the best mosquito control companies near you, call us today at 309-360-5851. Also, we are located at 2532 N Rockwood Rd, Peoria, IL 61604.

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